ESSLA Series Liquid Accumulators are a system protector, designed for the place just before the compressors low pressure line. The main purpose of the ESSLA is to prevent refrigerant to reach to the compressor in liquid state.

By the internal design, ESSLA Liquid Accumulators, can prevent fluctuations / irregularities, during the “off-cycle” and after the “off-cycle” problems. Also it promotes the oil return to the compressor.

At the first assembly stage, it is advised to add sufficient amount of oil in the liquid accumulator.

For the special internal designs, different equipment bearing or different designed products, please refer to the Special Productions section or please contact us.


– ESSLA Series has ODS solder connection,
– Full protection at every stage,
– Working temperature range -40°C, +70°C,
– Maximum working pressure 32 bar,
– Compatibilty with all refrigerants,
For technical information and dimensions, please refer to the related table.