ESSLRS90 Series Vertical Liquid Receivers

UP TO. 90 Bar Series Liquid Receiver

ESSLRS90 Series Vertical Liquid Receivers

ESSLRS90 Series Liquid Receivers, having wide-base suitable for Vertical mounting type, is saving space and provide easiness during installation. This base type provides protection from the vibration and any other external factors, the ESSLRS90 iquid Receiver has structure and durability to usage for years.

It is designed for 90 Bars working pressure with R744 refrigerant.


– ESSLRS90 Liquid Receivers are produced suitable to vertical mounting,
– It has easily mountable and vibration preventing, wide connection base
– 90 Bars working pressure,
– R744 refrigerant compatibilty,

For technical information, recommended cooling capacities and dimensions, please refer to the related table.

Liquid Receiver Series

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