ESSOSR Series Oil Receiver

Oil Receiver

ESSOSR Series Oil Receiver

ESSOSR Series Oil Receivers are designed for multi compressor systems to have storage for oil that seperated from oil seperators.

ESSOSR designed to be used with oil level regulators to distribute the stored oil.

ESSOSR Series Oil Receivers has rotalock connectors with rotalock valves of SAE 3/8”.

Placing easily readible sight glasses for pre-defined levels of oil, the tracking of oil levels are much simpler.

There is a option to replace to rotalock valve for any desired line type and size.

For the oil check valve, there is a seperate SAE 3/8 place on the top of the ESSOSR.


  • Having rigid design, ESSOSR has long life-span,
  • Compatibilty with Group I (Ashrae 34 A2L, A2) and Group II (Ashrae 34 A1) refrigerants,

For technical information and dimensions, please refer to the related table.

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