Erdem Soğutma


ERDEM SOĞUTMA, it is the only address in the refrigeration sector by making a difference with its team that offers knowledge-based high-tech solutions, constantly improves itself, follows innovations and has a performance infrastructure with our experienced staff in the field of sales and after sales.

ERDEM SOĞUTMA; In parallel with the importance of education and the sharing of information at the highest level, it continues its services within the framework of ensuring and maximizing the importance it attaches to customer satisfaction. Our employees have an efficient business planning structure and continuous progress in the projects, they carry out with their experienced and certified expert staff in their fields. Thanks to the technical infrastructure it has created, it has become a systematically growing institution open to development.


 The basic principle of ESS, which adopts creative and sustainable technology which is sensitive to the environment and people; to offer superior quality products in many areas of the refrigeration sector, to increase the export rate in these areas, to meet the expectations of its partners at the highest level and to contribute to this sector.

Sustainability Goals;

To reduce our environmental impact. To work on raising awareness about sustainability and its importance through diversity activities and trainings. To be a member of international standards and initiatives on sustainability and to make efforts to contribute to the studies. Explain policies on investment in employees (training, development policies), compensation, recognized benefits, work/life balance solutions and talent management. To regularly disclose the activities carried out to ensure employee satisfaction. To keep the measures taken for the protection of occupational accidents and health and accident statistics.

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