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What is a Combined Filter Drier and Liquid Receiver?

Combined Filter Drier and Liquid Receiver is an unit which hold Filter Drier and Liquid Receiver within a single body and performs as both at the same time. Having of the innovative design, the unit saves a great space.

The function of the liquid receiver is to send the refrigerant fluid in 100% liquid state to the expansion valve for the best cooling effect.

These series are produced for vehicle type refrigeration and air conditioning systems. They have high performance against the variable revolution of engine.

ESSCV, Vertical mounting,

ESSC, Horizontal mounting,

ESSC / ESSCOD / ESSCOR / ESSCV Series Combined Filter Drier And Liquid Receiver
ESSC / ESSCOR / ESSCOD / ESSCV Combined Filter Drier and Liquid Receiver series are hermetic designed to be used in compacted bead style for use on liquid line.
Moisture removal formula, is prepared as %100 Molecular Sieve targeting maximum moisture removal and acid formation prevention.
For Group I (Ashrae 34 A2L, A2) ve Group II (Ashrae 34 A1) and POE/PAG oils and additives ESSC / ESSCOD / ESSCOR Series are recommended.

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