ESSD / ESSDS Filter Drier Series

UP TO. 45 Bar Series

ESSD / ESSDS Filter Drier Series

ESSD / ESSDS Filter Drier Series are hermetic Filter Drier in compacted bead style for use on liquid line.

Moisture removal formula, is prepared as %80 Molecular Sieve and %20 Activated Alumina targeting maximum moisture and acid removal from the system.

For CFC and HCFC refrigerants with mineral and alkyl benzene oils, ESSD  / ESSDS Series are recommended. At the same time they are compatible with Group I (Ashrae 34 A2L, A2) and Group II (Ashrae 34 A1) refrigerants and blends.


– ESSD Series have 45° flare type connection,
– ESSDS Series have solder type connection,
– Extremely high water adsorption capacity compared to others brands,
– High acid adsorption / preventation capacity,
– Ability to filtration of unwanted particals more then size of 20 microns by the grade filtration,
– High crush and abrasion strength even after full capacity,
– Working temperature is between -40 °C, +120 °C,
– Maximum working pressure is 45 bar,
– Minimum flow resistance.

On the tables, the Filter Driers’ dimensions, water adsorption capacities, dehydration capacities are shown according to the working temperature.

UP TO. 45 Bar Series Filter Drier

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